Twins Hotel Bukovel, Polyanytsya

An incredible place in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains where you will want to return! Make yourself the best gift on vacation —  accommodation in a modern and cozy hotel in Bukovel. The heart freezes and stops for a moment from the beauty,  and rich nature around. Discover something new and special, fall in love with this place that will definitely impress you.


About us

Twins Hotel

The Twins Hotel is located in Bukovel, among picturesque mountain peaks, surrounded by pristine Carpathian nature. You should come here to find peace of mind, regain strength, forget about routine, take care of yourself. There are so many options to have an unforgettable time in this amazing place. The Twins Hotel is situated near the 7R ski lift, which is a very good option for those, who love the active vacation.

Our philosophy is the art of good rest, aesthetics in every detail, attentive and brilliant service, nurturing the traditions. We have made every effort to associate Twins with style, taste, Ukrainian hospitality, luxury in its simplicity and elegance at the same time.

Visit Twins, feel the combination of Ukrainian hospitality with the modern conditions of the hotel and quality service. Coming to the Bukovel and stopping in Twins will give you wonderful emotions and become a good tradition.




We offer you a new level of gastronomic pleasure in the restaurant of Ukrainian and European cuisine. Discover new tastes, try our food and special drinks.


Restore the vitality, fill your life with positive energy, clear your thoughts and relax in our luxurious Spa area. Exclusive treatments for beauty, youth and relaxation.
Зарядка електрокарів

Room Service

We are convinced that impeccable hotel service is the key to success, commitment of the guests and their desire to return.

Charging electric cars

You can charge your electric car with us without any problems. Two outputs are available: Type-2 and J-1772.

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